About us

Picklock24 was founded more than six years ago and is one of the leading lock picking sets retailers in Europe. Our company’s aim was to offer the best possible ratio between price and performance and to sell exclusively products which meet our precise expectations of a good product.

Since this perfection can only be achieved if you design and develop the products yourself and subject them to continuous quality control, we now offer almost exclusively our own pick sets and door opening tools. This means these products are trademark protected by us everywhere in the EU and are sold exclusively through our company. All of the items in this shop are subject to our strict quality standards and are constantly being developed by us.

Picklock24 GmbH is a German company. Accordingly, you as our customer benefit from the EU-wide, consumer-friendly, 14-day right of cancellation, fair terms and conditions and data protection guidelines and also quick, easy customer service. Whether you need us before or after buying a product, we’re happy to help!

Please note that all products appear with 19% VAT, if you visit our shop the first time. This 19% will automaticly removed as soon as you confirmed a delivery adress outside of the European Union. At the checkout -before the payment- you will finally see the payable amount.