How do bump keys work?

17.11.2016 10:06

A good set of bump keys contains the key profiles of the most popular lock manufacturers. However, these key brands represent the basics only. Thus, these are the blanks only (in our case best European brand blanks made by Silca, Errebi and JMA only) that are usually used for making duplicate keys of the lock brands.

The actual quality is created by machining and milling the key blanks such that the final product is as close as possible to a master key. In the ideal case, a bump key does not only open the lock, for whose profile it was originally intended, but also many more locks.

To find the key best for the lock to be opened, simply try inserting each bump key of your set into the cylinder. The perfectly fitting key can be easily inserted and sits firmly in the lock. Only insert the key into the lock up to the last pin (not until it stops!). This last short piece is now taken care of with a single bump. This way, all pins are pressed back (bumped back) into the housing (almost without any force) and the cylinder is free for a brief moment.

You can find our extensive selection of bump keys here (click).

Tip: If the first attempt fails and if you have the space, tilt the key slightly before the bump.

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