First Steps in Lock Picking - Sequentially Set the Individual Pins

13.12.2015 19:41

It makes sense to start with this technique to learn lock picking properly and understand the technique of a lock correctly. We will walk you systematically through the different pins. A normal locking cylinder has usually 5 to 7 pins.

1. Insert the tension tool into the lock and keep the lock under tension (press the tension tool into the direction you would turn the key).

2. Search for a pick (the best is to start with a hook-pick) and push it underneath the tension tool (with the hook facing downward - as the bit of a key) into the cylinder to the position of the last pin.

3. Press the pin down so that it does not block the housing anymore. Feel for one pin after the other and loosen them.

4. As soon as the last pin is loosened, the lock should open – provided that the cylinder was tensioned using the tension tool throughout the entire time. If this is not the case, one of the pins is most likely not correctly set and you must start over.

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