Lock-Picking Instructions

Here we will present to you little by little a kind of blog describing the most varied methods for opening doors. From this you will learn and understand more quickly about lock-picking in particular, and locks in general. It is forbidden to copy this blog – also in extracts – but it is expressly permitted to create links.
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Introduction to the various pick types – the Mountain Six

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The Mountain Six Pick (also called Six Mountains) is a classic rake tool.

In other words, stroking through the cylinder with this pick means the pins or more or less randomly contacted and the cylinder core is

Introduction into different pick types – the saw pick:

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This is probably the coarsest rake pick available in all of lock picking. The even teeth on both sides mean the rake technique can be carried out correctly even by someone with low levels of fine motor skills. The fact that this pick is very long means it can press several pins down at once. Simple lock cylinders in particular can be quickly and easily opening using the saw pick.

Introduction into different pick types – the snake:

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The snake is a pick tailored exclusively to the lock picking technique of raking. The snake is made up of several semi-circular bends, thereby creating a point of attack for several pins at the same time.

Depending on the length of the snake, a whole series of pins in the cylinder core can be contacted at the same time and

Introduction into different pick types – the snowman:

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This pick, the snowman, obviously got its name from its appearance: it is made up of two differently-sized circles one on top of the other. This deformation on both sides means

Introduction into different pick types – half-diamond:

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This popular pick form is exclusively used for setting individual pins in the lock. The technique is basically the same as for hook picks. However, due to the triangular form of the pick, the depth for

Introduction into different pick types – hook:

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This tool is the most popular and most common form of lock picking. The bent tool describes a curve between 90 and 180 degrees.

These picks are exclusively used for

How do bump keys work?

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A good set of bump keys contains the key profiles of the most popular lock manufacturers. However, these key brands represent the basics only. Thus, these are the blanks only

Using Door Latch Openers correctly

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This tool looks a little bit like a trowel. However, it is much finer and thinner to easily fit into door gaps and open closed (however not locked)more ...

Electric Pick Gun and Manual Pick Gun -Functionality

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The pick gun operates using the percussion principle. Here, the pins in the cylinder are briefly pushed into the core as amore ...

Further Lock Picking Methods: Raking

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Once you mastered the basic lock picking technique of “individually setting pins”, you can tackle this faster lock picking technique. Here, it is notmore ...

Instructions for Latch Opening Needles – How you use them correctly:

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Using latch-opening needles, you can open closed but not locked doors. For this purpose, themore ...

First Steps in Lock Picking - Sequentially Set the Individual Pins

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It makes sense to start with this technique to learn lock picking properly and understand the technique of a lock correctly. We will walk youmore ...